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Whisky Live x IPPINKAN Spirits Masterclass

Shop 11, LCX, Harbour City 5 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

深切關注蒸餾酒動向,逢星期六約你一起探索!Let's explore spirits every Saturday in IPPINKAN!  <星期六蒸餾酒關注組>Saturday Spirits Concern Group 即日起至7月10日逢星期六開組討論From now to 10 July 議題 Agenda: 自Gin企畫 Ginsanity Project:2:30-3:00pm 蒸餾酒遊遊 Spirits Tour:4:00-4:30pm 全球造威 Good Night Drink:5:30-6:00pm 異國Gin情畫 Gineric […]